About Dover

For millenia, the white cliffs of Dover were a sign to weary travelers, aviators and warriors that their destination was in sight, a welcoming relief. Welcome to your new tonal destination, welcome home, Dover Amplification – Where Tone Lives.


From the rolling hills and fog of Britain comes the newest legend: Dover Amplification.

Combining years of experience and knowledge that have masterminded and built some of the most legendary amplifiers in history, Dover exists to revive, as well as pay homage to, the legendary and timeless tones of the United Kingdom.

From our meticulously handbuilt valve amps, to our bespoke line of pedals, no expense has been spared. Years of study, experimenting and testing in order to befit our heritage. Combining the best of classic and modern, Dover provides something for every player, on every stage.

Relentless, obsessive, timeless: Dover Amplification.

All Dover products are made from the highest specification components and we feel it is our commitment to future generations to source responsibly.

Our metalwork is forged from legendary Sheffield steel. Our transformers, boards, capacitors, resistors, switching mechanisms, etc are all Aerospace/Military spec certified.

All our woodwork is A++ graded and most importantly, FSC certified: Dover Amplification will only EVER source from FSC approved sustainable sources/forests.

This ensures that Dover invariably build all products with an environmental conscious and a view towards reducing our carbon footprint.


We will continue to support the following environmental charities, with a percentages of all profits being split equally between the them.

We are ONE, We are the WORLD, We are DOVER.